Does Having a Ph.D. Degree Guarantee Success?

When I was still in college I got to have a talk to my thesis adviser about professional matters. She was a Ph.D. Degree holder at a still young age of 32 (and quite beautiful for age too). But all the more, when I asked her about her would have any major major effect on her life, I seem to get the feeling that somehow it didn't get her excited.

She was young and she was bored. Having a Ph.D. degree worried her because of the fact that it stole her a lot of time studying all that kinds of stuff and end up working in a academe with a wage that is lower than what my classmate's salary working for just less than 2 years at Cebu.

According to recent studies, many Ph.D. holders won't have the chance to take full advantage of their qualifications. These people face a difficult task of finding work as the number of jobs offered by institutions does not match the population and qualifications of the individuals. Furthermore, spending years of education up to the highest level does not guarantee success.

On the contrary, Post Graduates who wish to seek positions in the academe would be more successful on their teaching profession, but seeking financial success would prove to be a lot more dificult because of the needed time to pursue it which of course older individuals have lesser time than younger ones.

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