Thank you for visiting my blog. Feel free to share your insights by leaving a comment after you've read one of my posts. Your comments add knowledge to the subject matter here. However, to make sure that all your comments enhance the value of the subjects discussed on this the article published on this blog, I have created a formal comment policy.

Spam Prevention

Please note that comments are thoroughly read and only those comments that add value to the content are approved and the rest deleted. While spam comments continue to spread, I will do my part to help fight it. I have a spam filter in place that automatically catches the majority of the automated spam comments, and if at all any slip through the filter, I delete it immediately

Language, Length And Format

This blog has a diverse audience with different sensibilities and opinions. Hence, please avoid harsh language. Flaming or use of threatening language or defaming anybody/any institution or any such intellectual property rights violation is not allowed nor will it be tolerated.

Ideally, your comment must be under at least 100 well chosen words with paragraphs, grammar, punctuation, and spaces as found necessary. No advertisements, canvassing for products and services on the comments section will be allowed.

No one line comments praising the blog, an article, or the author will be tolerated. Same would be the case with your mention about subscribing to this blog. Who cares whether you’re subscribed to this blog’s RSS feed or shared an article of this blog on Facebook or Twitter? Apparently the comment should be cohesive to the content of an article and should add value to the readers and thought provoking.


Relevant links in comments are actively encouraged. If you have a link relevant to the topic, then please feel free to do so. This adds to the conversation and improves the blog but note that excessive and/or inappropriate links will be removed.

Comment Editing

I reserve the right to edit or delete comments as I feel necessary. Irrelevant comments will be deleted at once and blatant spelling and grammatical errors will be edited and serious edits will be notated at the end of the comment.


Once a person publishes a comment on my blog, he or she will be the copyright holder of that comment; i.e., you, and only you, are responsible for your words. They are yours and you get to keep them; however, by posting your comments to this blog, you are granting me the right, in perpetuity, to use, alter, and/or display them, however, I see fit. Once your comment is submitted, that’s it – you’re immortalized.

This comment policy may be updated as and when needed ideally to suit the laws and requirements, so please make sure to check back every so often.

It is implied that you have read these comments policies and agree to comply before leaving a comment on EBLOGGR.

Source: MT Herald

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