Jade Sitjar (Photo on the left) is the author of this blog. I graduated in Mindanao State University just last April 2010 with a Degree of Bachelor of Science Major in General Biology. As of now, I still have the delimma of choosing whether I'll go work today and study later or study now then work later. And because I still don't have work or any other income-generating instruments that I can use, I opt to blog about the subjects I have learned in school (well, not totally).

At first, EBLOGGR was created to cater what I wanted to talk about (SEO, personal finance, blogging, etc.). But there came a time when I didn't feel comfortable with it anymore, so I decided to change the topic into a medical news blog. It's better this way. I can connect with the subjects I post.

Thank you for visiting my blog! Oh, and just one more thing, I forgot to tell you, leave a comment after reading my post. Is that alright with you? If yes, Thanks in advance. I love reading comments from my guests.