HIgh Body Mass Index Linked to Low Cognitive Function

Recent findings show that older adults who have high body mass index (are fat) have increased risk of suffering from low cognitive function (difficulty in comprehension).

A research conducted by Dae Hyun Yoon investigated the association between fat levels and cognitive performance in elderly people. The study took five years to complete (2004-2009) which were conducted to 250 individuals aged 60 and above. Data gathered were among the following:

1. Body Mass Index
2. Waist Circumference Measurements
3. Visceral and Subcutaneous Adiposity Measurements by abdominal CT scan.

The results were significant.

These include:

1. Higher BMI is linked to lower cognitive function among older people.

Adults aged from 60 to 70 who had high BMI had poor cognitive performance.

2. The study revealed the link between visceral adiposity on abdominal CT scan and poor cognitive performance in older people.

High Body Mass Index Linked to Low Cognitive FunctionOlder adults who had the highest amount of adipose tissue was associated with poor cognitive performance as compared to those who had lower adipose tissue.

3. The association between higher adiposity levels and poor cognitive function was linked to age among older people.

The older the individual (who is obese), the poorer is his cognitive performance.

4. The prevalence of poor cognitive function seem to appear more in males than in females.

The work was backed by the University of Konkuk and Korea Healthcare Technology R&D Project, Ministry for Health and Welfare.

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