Low Bad Cholesterol Linked To Cancer Risks

Us researchers suggests having low bad cholesterol (LDL) implies higher cancer risks over a longer period of time.

Although using anti-cholesterol drugs such as statins proved to be effective against heart diseases, a research headed by Dr. Paul Michael Lavigne of Tufts Medical Center in London discovered a link between low bad cholesterol levels to risks of suffering from cancer over the years.

The study has yet to conclude a direct implication about the issue because they are not yet sure whether the cause of cancer came from using drugs or from low LDL levels in the body. Lavigne and his team examined the relationship between low LDL levels and the occurence of cancer on patients with no known history of using cholesterol-lowering drugs.

The study examined 201 participants who had cancer and 402 participants who were cancer free. All of the participants had no history of using any statin or cholesterol-lowering drug.

They found that:
Low Bad Cholesterol Linked To Cancer Risks
1. Participants who had cancer had lower cholesterol levels as compared to those who had none.

2. Throughout the study, those who developed cancer had low levels of cholesterol levels as compared to those without.

Although the study was consistent, Lavigne still pointed out that the findings do not imply having low LDL leads to cancer. He said, there is still an unknown third party mechanism lying behind this process which they intend to find out in the future.

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