Orgasms Occur Among Women Doing Exercise, Research Suggests

Recent findings have now unraveled strange situations that occur among women where certain exercise routines may initiate orgasm.

According to a study conducted by Debby Herbenick and Dennis Fortenberry of Indiana University, hundreds of women report incidences of "exercise induced orgasms". Although they were not thinking anything of sex, the exercise seems to have a triggering effect on the occurrence of orgasm.

At a recent published journal, Herbenick said:

"The most common exercise associated with exercise-induced orgasms were abdominal exercise, climbing poles or ropes, biking, spinning, and weightlifting. These data are interesting because they suggest that the orgasm is not necessarily is not a sexual event, and they may also teach us more about the bodily processes underlying women's experience of orgasm."

The two studied what exact types of exercises specifically caused induced orgasms.

1. 51.4 per cent reported orgasms while doing abdominal exercises.

2. 26.5 per cent reported orgasms while doing weight lifting exercises.

3. 20 per cent reported orgasms while doing yoga.

4. 15.8 per cent from bicycling.

5. 13.2 per cent from running.

6. 9.6 per cent from walking/hiking.

So now, there is scientific evidence that even without sexually induced events, women can achieve orgasm by just doing even simple exercises.

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