Research Found Root Cause Of Patterned Baldness In Men Could Lead New Treatments

Researchers have discovered a new root cause of hair loss pattern in men which could lead to a more effective and targeted treatments.

Male baldness affects 80 per cent of the male population under age 70 which, according to the study, is caused by an abnormal protein called prostaglandin D2 found in the scalp. This protein  and also its derivatives block hair growth.

“We have really identified a factor that is way out of whack by actually studying the disorder,” says George Cotsarelis, MD professor of dermatology at the Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania.

“If you look at all the treatments for male pattern baldness, they were all discovered through chance.” One example of this is minoxidil, a drug originaaly developed to treat high blood pressure.

But this time, “We looked directly at men who were balding and found an abundance of these proteins,” Cotsarelis says.
male baldness pattern found

Drugs that can delay the action of prostaglandin D2 should significantly reduce male pattern baldness. “This should work in all men who have male pattern baldness,” Cotsarelis says.

A lot of companies have already been developing this kind of drug. "It shouldn't take too long," he says.

“To date, this is the most specific way we have seen to inhibit hair loss," says Jeffrey Epstein MD, director of Foundation for Hair Restoration in Miami and New York City.

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