Women Get Better Sex With Uncircumcised Men

A case study recently published last January 2012 by the International Journal of Epidemiolgy concluded that women who had uncircumcised mates got better sexual satisfaction than with women with circumcised partners.

Only 30 percent of the whole male population around the world is circumcised. However, in the Philippines almost 93 percent of the Filipino men have already been circumcised. This practice has dated back to the pre-Hispanic times where the datus all over the archipelago implemented the rule. Curiously, even up until today, the ritual has yet been practiced.

Legends of Circumcision

For centuries many have believed that through circumcision, men have a less likely chance of contracting diseases and other infections. Or so they say.

Further research to this belief revealed that diseases and infections can be avoided through proper hygiene, combined with the use of contraceptives (such as condoms) and vaccination.

Scientists showed that the role of circumcision did not support the idea of preventing HIV/AIDS. Furthermore, no professional medical association here or abroad has endorsed circumcision to be a general rule for men.

Reports of Orgasmic Activity

Another study conducted at Denmark revealed that circumcised men had more problems with orgasm (11 per cent) compared to uncircumcised men (4 per cent).

Meanwhile, more women complained that their sexual satisfaction were incompletely fulfilled when their partners where circumcised (38 per cent) compared to women with uncircumcised mates (28 per cent).

Was Decreasing Sensual Pleasure Deliberate?

In another case study, circumcision seems to reduce sexual satisfaction in both parties. Removal of the foreskin suggests a reduction of penile sensitivity. This skin contains many sensory nerve endings that contribute to arousal and excitement which was done by the datus and rabbis or our ancestors.

Moises Maimonides, an early 12th century philosopher stated that, "circumcision was required to cause man to be moderate, because it weakens the power of sexual excitement and lessens the natural enjoyment."

This is a little bit frustrating since most of us Filipino men have already lost them. This must also explain why a lot of our filipina women get pregnant in an early stage of their teenage life. Wouldn't you agree?

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