Heavier Baby Girls More Likely To Develop Health Risks Than Their Male Counterparts

According to a recent research, newborn baby girls have more chances of developing diabetes and other related metabolic problems when they grow up as compared to the male population.

Since previous studies have shown a link between cardiovascular risk factors and birth weight, the research lead by Rae-Chi Huang, M.D., Ph.D., from the University of Australia investigated another relationship between birth weight and body fat distribution in early childhood with future metabolic risk factors such as diabetes and obesity.

In the study, they have found an increased incidence of diabetes more imminent among female newborns than in the male newborns.

According to Dr. Huang:

"We found that female babies are particularly prone to this increased risk and females who are at high risk of obesity and diabetes-related conditions at age 17 are showing increased obesity as early as 12 months of age."

Heavier Baby Girls More Likely To Develop Health Risks Than Their Male CounterpartsThe study examined 1035 17-year-olds from an Australian birth cohort. In addition to birth weight and Body mass index, they also measured blood pressure, glucose levels, insulin levels, cholesterol and triglycerides.

Their Key finding was:

1. Girls were more obese than their male counterparts.

2. Girls with higher levels of measurements also had higher birth weights. As compared to the girls, boy's birth weight had no statistical impact metabolic risk factors.

According to Huang, "The findings are significant...girls are born heavier than their age." "The results could be applied to the public for targeting maternal health and early prevention regarding childhood obesity," Huan added.


  1. Mmm.. that's shocking! Female babies are much more prone to diabetes.

    1. The study has correlated birth weight and diabetes among newborns, evidently female newborns meet the study's findings. But it doesn't mean that the will have diabetes when they grow up. The study just tells us that baby girls are more prone to diabetes and other related diseases. This is good to know, because we will have the knowledge to prepare for the baby's future.