Risk of Death From Heart Failure Lower in Females

According to a study, women who have heart problems are more likely to survive longer than men.

Based on the analysis of 31 studies which included approximately 28,000 men and 14,000 women, gender proved to have a significant impact on the risk of dying from heart failure. But because men had double the population of the study, little has been known about the effect of gender on heart failure patients.
To remedy the issue, researchers have been teamed up to examine three years follow-up data on more than 40,000 heart failure patients, which was published in the European Journal of Heart Failure.

Risk of Death From Heart Failures Lower in FemalesThe findings included:

1. Overall death rate was similar in both sexes.

2. When age was taken into account, men had a 31%  higher death risks than females.

3. Women who had heart failure tended to be older than men.

Although the findings were significant, researcher Manual Martinez-Salles M.D. and his team still concluded that more studies with greater number of women patients must be done to better understand why women who had heart failures survive longer than men.

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