Skin Cancer Increasing Among Young Adults

Developing melanoma may be six times higher among young adults today than it was 40 years ago, particularly among women. Researchers examined a number of people diagnosed with melanoma age 18 to 39 from 1970 to 2009. They have found that women under '40s had eight times increased chance of suffering from skin cancer and men who also had four times increased chance.

This dramatic rise in incidence of melanoma was mainly due to frequent exposures to tanning procedures such as tanning machines, frequent exposure to the sun, unsafe exposure to ultraviolet light, and severe childhood sunburns.
Skin Cancer Increasing Among Young Adults, Especially Among Women

However, it was also observed that the rate of mortality due to melanoma significantly increased.

"People are now more aware of their skin and of the need to see the doctor when they see changes," according to researcher Dr. Jerry Brewer, a Mayo Clinic dermatologist.

"As a result, many cases may be caught before the cancer advances to a deeper melanoma, which is harder to treat." Brewer added.


  1. Ultraviolet in the sun in hazardous not only to skin but the whole body..

    1. As the saying goes, "too much or too less" causes problems. Ultraviolet rays, when utilized properly, causes good results however, if exposed too much in the sun, may lead to complications such as melanoma. This is most observed on teens today. They bathe too much in the sun. Our body only needs to be exposed at least 3 to 5 minutes. There is no reason to bathe too much in the sun or tanning machine.

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