Unroasted Coffee Beans May Help Reduce Weight, Research Found

According to a new research, ground green coffee beans (unroasted), when taken on a daily basis, seems to have a steady impact on weight loss.

Researcher Joe Vinson Ph.D., and his team from the University of Scranton have found a new way of loosing weight. In their small, 22-week old study, they found a significant loss of weight among their participants. Among them, 16 overweight men and women lost, on the average, 17 pounds in comparison to when taking a placebo.

During the study, Vinson and his colleagues gave two separate doses to each of the participants - 700 mg and 1,050 mg of ground unroasted coffee beans. They were also given placebo. The use of the coffee and the placebo were cycled every six weeks in order to compare the differences among themselves.

Their diets remained the same all throughout the study. Their calories were also monitored.

On the average, the participants lost 17 pounds throughout the study. Some lost only 7 pounds while others 26.

Overall, their body weight decreased by an average of 10.5% and body fat decreased by up to 16%.

In comparing the dosages, participants who used higher doses of the coffee beans lost more weight as compared to the lower dosages and the placebo. However, researchers are still not sure how the coffee bean extract affects weight loss.

According to Vinson,  "We don't think it's the caffeine in it."

They suspect the coffee bean has chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid, which is found in plants, may have an effect in keeping down glucose absorption. But once the coffee beans are roasted, the acid will also break down.

There have been no reported side effects, Vinson says. Although the extract tastes extremely bitter, it's best to take it together with lots of water.

The results might prove to be significant but still needs to be further investigated, says Connie Diekman.

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